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Thanks to unique and unmatched Phonak hearing aid features, you will be able to capture more of the voices and sounds you want and need to hear. Actively holding a conversation while enjoying the outdoors on a windy day or focusing on a single voice in a noisy crowd. These are just two examples of challenging environments where you will be able to communicate and understand more with ease. Hear and understand more – everywhere with Swiss engineering with a Phonak.

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    Booking a Hearing Assessment

    Hearing aid assessments are a comprehensive study of your hearing coupled with an assessment of your candidacy for hearing aids based on the nature of your hearing loss, in particular your ability to understand speech. This thorough and detailed analysis takes up to two (2) hours. You will receive a detailed explanation of your results with recommendations for hearing aids, medical intervention or advice on arranging your life to better suit your hearing ability.


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    Make an Online Enquiry

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    Download Information Pack

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    Browse Hearing Devices

    Why Choose Us?

    1Hearing Assessment

    We offer a full diagnostic hearing test with one of our qualified clinicians.

    2Quality Hearing Aids for Less

    We offer an extensive range of trusted hearing aid brands and hearing protection solutions at competitive prices.

    3Fully Mobile, Fully Flexible

    Our clinicians come to your home or workplace at a time that suits you, including after-hours and weekends.