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Book a Free Assessment* (Valued $250)

Book a Free Assessment* (Valued $250)

Booking a Hearing Assessment

Hearing aid assessments are a comprehensive study of your hearing coupled with an assessment of your candidacy for hearing aids based on the nature of your hearing loss, in particular your ability to understand speech. This thorough and detailed analysis takes up to two (2) hours. You will receive a detailed explanation of your results with recommendations for hearing aids, medical intervention or advice on arranging your life to better suit your hearing ability.


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Browse Hearing Devices

Inizia 1 BTE

Inizia 1 solutions facilitate entry into the world of quality hearings aids. They offer natural sound perception and speech understanding in environments with steady background noise.

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Features & Benefits

  • Bernafon ChannelFree™ signal processing
  • 8 kHz frequency bandwidth
  • Fixed or omni directionality
  • Adaptive Noise Reduction in 4 bands
    with 2 control states
  • Adaptive Feedback Canceller
  • Multi-environment program
  • Advanced Soft Noise Management
    with 2 controls
  • Lifestyle Profile
  • 3 listening program options
  • Up to 3 program memories
  • Attractive design with a variety
    of colors and styles
  • Optional DAI / FM adapter

8 kHz frequency bandwidth

High-quality sound in all listening situations, making communication easier (ChannelFree™ and 8kHz frequency range)

Easy Communication

Understanding speech, especially in difficult listening situations, is a major challenge for people with a hearing impairment. They often perceive speech as unclear, distorted or too soft; background noise, on the other hand, is perceived as too obtrusive.

Adaptive Feedback Canceller)

Detects undesired whistling

Sound Localization

With normal hearing, our ears work as one system and provide stereophonic sound wherever we are. The brain uses subtle differences in timing and intensity of sounds reaching each ear to localize the sounds and thus interpret our surroundings.

Music Enjoyment

Music lovers and musicians are often disappointed with the sound of music through their hearing instruments ─ particularly, at concerts.

Connect Wirelessly

A majority of hearing instrument wearers report difficulties when using mobile phones and other audio devices; this may be because of poor signal reception, interference or the absence of a Direct Audio Input (DAI) connection.


Remote control

Be your own sound captain with our remote control and manipulate your hearing instruments’ functions to your gusto.

Soundgate 3

Stay connected with Bernafon’s offering in wireless communication technology. Stay connected with SoundGate 3 ─ the sophisticated link between our solutions and Bluetooth® enabled wireless devices.

Sound Gate Mic

Clients have maximum flexibility when controlling the SoundGate Mic via SoundGate 3.

Tv Adapter 2

Bernafon’s TV Adapter 2 enables you to enjoy watching TV again. The small and portable device connects easily to any television set.

Phone Adapter 2

Phone calls ─ whether made or received on a landline ─ not only deliver excellent sound quality but thanks to Bluetooth® wireless technology, they are also hands- and hassle-free.