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Book a Free Assessment* (Valued $250)

Book a Free Assessment* (Valued $250)

Booking a Hearing Assessment

Hearing aid assessments are a comprehensive study of your hearing coupled with an assessment of your candidacy for hearing aids based on the nature of your hearing loss, in particular your ability to understand speech. This thorough and detailed analysis takes up to two (2) hours. You will receive a detailed explanation of your results with recommendations for hearing aids, medical intervention or advice on arranging your life to better suit your hearing ability.


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Browse Hearing Devices

Phonak Bolero V30

Phonak Bolero V30 is the essential product line, of the comprehensive BTE portfolio for mild to profound hearing losses. Powered by the innovative technology of the Phonak Venture platform, Phonak Bolero V hearing aids are the ideal solution for those clients that prefer best hearing performance in water resistant high-tech BTE housings. 

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Features & Benefits

  • Calm Situation
  • Speech in Noise
  • Up to 3 additional programs
  • 3 Streaming programs
  • Sound recover
  • User Preference Tuning
  • 8 Finetuning Channels
  • Whistle Block
  • Noise Block
  • QuickSync
  • AOV
  • Tinnitus Balance
  • auto Acclimatization

AutoSense OS - Automatically adapt to more of your listening situations than ever before.

Tinnitus Balance noise generator - Provides a means of sound enrichment which can be used as part of a tinnitus management program.

Wireless Accessories

Phonak Bolero V is compatible with the Phonak Wireless Communication Portfolio.

Phonak EasyCall II

The Phonak EasyCall connects hearing aids wirelessly with any Bluetooth enabled cell phone. It binaurally streams the phone call directly to the hearing aids for maximum speech understanding.

Phonak DECT II

The Phonak DECT II is the ideal phone for use both at home or in a small office. The phone signal is streamed wirelessly to both hearing aids simultaneously. This provides unmatched sound quality and great understanding.

Phonak Conversation Set

The small and stylish Phonak ComPilot Air II Bluetooth streamer, combined with the RemoteMic, transmits a distant speaker’s voice directly to both hearing aids over a distance of up to 20 meters (66 ft).

Phonak Entertainment Set

TVLink II, combined with ComPilot II provides high quality stereo sound directly to both hearing aids when watching TV or listening to music. 24 hours continuous streaming time and 30 meters range.