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Jason Heerah – X-Factor Finalist and acclaimed drummer

Date Published: October 10, 2015
As a singing drummer I’ve always battled with trying to get the best possible fold back sound or drum fill that caters for both the eq of my voice and the kit. Let alone the rest of the instruments I normally request in my fold back wedge. At last pure love with sensaphonics and my ears love me for it. I have Steve at Ears to You to thank for very kindly letting me test out the triple driver in ear monitors, I was sold strait away. My performance singing and playing kit was a lot easier than normal. Very useful for my click track backings as well. Ears to You service was impeccable, an appointment to come and get my impressions done, sent off to U.S. And delivered to my door in the time that was expected. To top it off when I got them a first gig assessment on how to properly use them and care.  I am currently the owner of the sensaphonics dual driver monitoring complete with my personal moulds.
Many on the market, but these guys are the business, for service and durability.
Be sensible go to Ears to You.
Jason Heerah