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Emeritus Professor Peter Baume – Former Minister for Health

Date Published: July 07, 2015

For many years I have been going to the Reinhardt family for my hearing loss. Some time after I first went to the practice (referred by a local medical specialist), Steve Reinhardt took over, and has run it since then.

I have been very happy to be there and have continued my very good association with Mr Reinhardt.
He has assessed my hearing accurately and has suggested several sets of hearing aids which work well for me and which are cosmetically acceptable in addition.
He has come to my home to ensure that connections with my land-line phone, mobile phone and television set were in place.
It has been my pleasure to direct other members of my family to Mr Reinhardt and also to recommend other colleagues to him.
The advice each of them has received has been appropriate for their condition and has been helpful.
It was courteously and sensitively given in each case.
I intend to continue to refer people not least because i want them to receive personal care
directed to the problems they bring.

the honourable emeritus professor Peter Baume a.c., f.r.s.n